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The designers were born in Naples in a family where creativity came as naturally as breathing.

Barbara and Luigia have other two siblings and the name they chose for their Brand comes from the nickname friends gave to the very close four.

“Le” is the Italian for “The”, they are the “Deffs” and the Brand becomes an homage to their family.


Barbara is the elder of four siblings and lives in Naples.
Like her father, she is architect and interior designer. During her studies she focused her attentions to interiors and Neapolitan Arts from the 1600s to the early 1900s, which she uses as inspiration to design leather rugs. Fabrics have become immediately the focus of her architectural projects and her signature at work.
She loves strong contrasts: clean lines with rich ornaments. She balances contemporary minimalism and antique elements, blending colours and styles. Fashion has been at the heart of all Barbara’s projects from the very beginning.
As an architect, she sees fashion like design, an embodiment of structures, shapes and volumes that have always fascinated her.
Her hand can easily shift from architecture to fashion and creating a bag or designing a house are to her very similar processes. With LEDEFF she can truly express her creativity.


Luigia lives in Milan and is the youngest sibling. Her love for fashion has always been an integral part of her life. It featured in all her childhood games and it plays a part in all the choices she makes as a woman.
She follows her passion and starts Fashion Studies in Rome, but ends up with a Degree in Business Administration. But it is in Milan that she starts working in fashion, transitioning from a small company to Ralph Lauren.
Vintage style is her lifelong inspiration and passion. She adores wearing her grandmother’s clothes, mixing accessories in her signature eclectic style.
She likes strolling around stalls of flea markets in London, Paris, Berlin. Wherever vintage calls, she goes.